An Affirmation of Fathers

by Graeme Cann

We acknowledge that all is not well in our society with thousands of families being decimated by domestic violence, substance abuse, gambling, sexual addictions and marriage breakdowns. We are sorry for the pain that these things have caused so many people, but also, we also are thankful that there are thousands of fathers who are deeply loved and greatly respected by their families.

Today we honour the men of this Church, who, because Christ is their King. seek to reflect the fatherhood of God to their families and to their community.

We want to honour you fathers for your faithfulness to God and us; we want to thank you for your love and leadership and we want to encourage you to continue to grow in God.

We affirm that one of the greatest needs of this time is for Godly fathers and husbands, and commit ourselves to pray that you will not grow weary or become discouraged, but instead you will be empowered by the Holy Spirit, encouraged by the Church and filled with the Joy which comes from being in an obedient relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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