Describing my church

In a small group Study Guide on Colossians and Philemon the question is asked: "If the Apostle Paul wrote a letter to your church today, for what would he praise God for about your church and give thanks to God about your church?"

Many churches have in their "New Comers" pack a leaflet or booklet that gives a thumbnail sketch of the church. St Hilary's in Melbourne has an eight page booklet that is very attractive and informative. It includes 13 coloured pictures. 

Their information headings are:

Page 2

  • Background - 4 lines
  • Mission - 8 words (Making, maturing and mobilising disciples of Jesus Christ)
  • Our Vision - 4 line statement followed by 11 dot pithy points

On page 3 - Our Core values - six are listed

On page 4, 5, 6, & 7 - Our Strategic Directions (1) Making disciples - eight items; (2) Maturing Disciples - four items;  (3) Mobilising Disciples - six items; (4) Resourcing Vision - seven items.

Back cover has contact details about the church

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