Believe and be Baptised

Believe and be Baptised is a 68 page booklet in a clear easily understood style, written by Dr Keith Graham.  It aims to:

  • provide a simple explanation of baptism for Christians who are thinking about being baptized
  • put believer's baptism into perspective by illustrating that it is part of the developing experience of a Christian
  • show baptism is to follow faith in Christ and leads to a life of active fellowship in a local church
  • give elders, ministers, pastors and youth leaders a handbook to pass on or to work through with Christians applying for baptism
  • gives a clear understanding of baptism for Christians asking to be baptised
  • assist candidates for baptism be better prepared for this step by writing answers to the questions in this book.
  • provide parents with a straight-forward explanation of baptism, when they fail to understand the desires of their sons or daughters

Copies of this booklet can be ordered on line using the link below

Believe and be Baptised

Or copies of this booklet can also be obtained from:

  • Equip Rock Ministries
  • P O Box 346
  • Bayswater Vic 3153
  • Australia

Believer's or Christian Baptism

CONTENTS                                                                                 page

The aims of this booklet                                                                 7

Believe and be baptized                                                              8

Step one: confronted with the truth                                          10

  • The truth about Jesus Christ 
  • The truth about ourselves 

Step two: convicted by the truth                                                 12

Step three: concerned about the truth                                      13

Step four: converted to Jesus Christ                                          13

  • Repenting
  • Calling 
  • Receiving 

Questions to answer                                                                    16

Step five: confessing Jesus Christ                                           18

  • By our lips
  • By our lives 
  • By being baptized

Baptism follows belief in Jesus Christ                                    19

Baptism cannot save us                                                             20

Are you a Christian?                                                                   22

Baptism and its meaning                                                         23

  • Our obedience to Jesus Christ                                   23
  • Our confession of Jesus Christ                                  24
  • Our dedication and submission to Jesus Christ     26
  • Our identification with Jesus Christ                          27
  • Jesus' identification with us                                        28
  • Our identification with Jesus                                      29
  • Into the water - identified with Jesus' death           29
  • Under the water - identified with Jesus' burial        30
  • Out of the water - identified with Jesus' resurrection     30

Questions to answer                                                                  32

Step six: continuing with Jesus                                                34

The Apostles' teaching - the Bible                                         34

  • Read the Bible regularly                                               35
  • Interpret the Bible prayerfully                                      35
  • Obey the Bible continually                                           35

Fellowship                                                                                    36

  • Fellowship with Christ                                                  36
  • Fellowship with other Christians                                37

The Breaking of Bread, the Lord's Supper, Communion   38

  • Instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ                             38
  • Requested by the Lord Jesus Christ                          39

Prayers                                                                                          39

  • Personal, private prayer                                               39
  • Corporate, public prayer                                               40

Questions to answer                                                                42

Appendix 1

  • Practical details for those being baptized              43
  • Practical details for those doing the baptizing      44

Appendix 2  Questions and Answers                                   45

Appendix 3  Why baptism by immersion?                          48

  • The meaning of the word baptism ('baptizo')      48
  • The practice of the Jews                                           48
  • The baptism of John the Baptist                              48
  • The baptism of Jesus Christ                                      49
  • The practice of the early church                                49
  • The teaching of the Apostles                                    50

Appendix 4      Is an unbaptised believer really a Christian?                              51

Appendix 5    An Old Testament picture of baptism 1 Corinthians 10:1-11        53

Appendix 6   Baptism for the dead                                                                            55

Appendix 7    Infant Baptism                                                                                       56

Appendix 8    Baptism dialogue - (two voices)                                                         58

Selected Bibliography                                                                                                   66