Psalm 41 - praying a Psalm

Psalm 41

Praying, interacting, reflecting

Today was a normal day. The memories of the last two days are very vivid.

Lord you are to be blessed you had regard to me while I was weak. You delivered me out of my trouble. Thankyou (v 1). Lord you have and will protect my life, you have preserved my life through illness, you have sustained me when I was so ill, you brought Dr C, Dr X into my life so that I could walk again (vv 2-3).

Lord, have mercy on me. Today, I have sinned against you. Heal me in those areas of half truths (v4). Lord you know that when I was sick recently when "R" visited me, he wished me dead. When he left, he went out and spread a false report about me (vv 5-6). Lord not only "R", but "C" and "D: and their friends imagine the worst for me (vv 7-8). Even my colleague, the one I trusted, betrayed me (v 9).

Lord, have mercy on me, assist me to get well, so that I can repay them for their malicious lies, their deceit, their hateful words and actions (v 10). Lord, I know you are pleased with me, you have delivered me (v 11). Lord help me to maintain my integrity. Make me conscious of your presence (v 12). Lord you are to be praised always and always. Amen.

Dr Keith Graham

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