Australia is looking for a diagnosis of its financial woes and its possibilities of economic renewal.  Countless voices from Governments, the opposition, from financial analysts, business leaders, union representatives, from callers on talkback radio, on blogs, propose conflicting solutions to our deepening financial woes.  We hear economic and political voices arguing that if we reallocate, or reorganise, or restructure or throw money at the problem then tomorrow promises to be a brighter day!

Other voices have been speaking out about the rehabilitation of high profile addicts.  The Pope has said that we need to care for humankind not just creation.  In some quarters it is being suggested that our woes are not economic or sociological, but are more deeply personal, the need to repair, to transform the human soul.  "These voices, these messages are secular."  At best, what is being offered or suggested may be needed and even useful but these "voices" cannot replace 'The Voice' that John introduces in John 1:1-18.

Burge writes that the opening verses of John's Gospel are "not about a message that offers hope, but about The Message that is the only hope.  It is not about an idea, but a person.  The Word became flesh tells us that God is intent on communicating with us not about mere concepts; he is intent on communicating about himself.  The Word became flesh tells us that The Message is accessible and not hidden away for mystics and scholars but was lived in the world and was touched and heard by many.  The Word became flesh tells us that the man Jesus was no mere mortal.  He was not an inspired carpenter or a model human.  Jesus was God himself—taking on the clothing of humanity, embracing it fully and eternally, walking in it, speaking through it, and delivering the reality of God to the world in a manner never done before."  NIV Application Commentary p64.

"Jesus is God-in-flesh."  Jesus is the eternal creator making himself known by entering our reality as the God-man.  Through his words, actions, miracles, responses, he shows us the truth, his power, his glory, and life.

Jesus as the source of all life/light is the one who "enlightens" each of us.  Though our "darkness" cannot extinguish his light, most will turn from it and slink off into the darkness.  As "The Life" Jesus is the only one who can give us eternal life.  This "life" comes as a grace gift to those who believe in his name.

"Coming to those who were distinctively his own, his own distinct people did not receive Him.  But on the other hand, to as many as received Him, He himself gave the right to become children of God, that is, to the ones believing in his name.  [They became God's children] not based on blood [line], nor a human decision, nor a man's/husband's will, but their new birth was of God"  John 1:11-13.

Dr Keith Graham

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