Psalm 40 - praying a Psalm

Psalm 40 - Praying, reflecting, interacting

God you heard me, turned to me (vv1-2), and lifted me up out of that pit, the pit of not being able to complete a dissertation, out of the mud and mire of despair into which my sinful folly had plunged me (v 2), and you gave me a firm rock - the assurance I can complete the dissertation.

Yes I am singing today to you (v 2) because of your forgiveness, love, care to both myself and for my professor. Help me to use this crushing incident to teach others that you are there when we hurt. Even when our pain is caused or aggravated by our sinful responses and actions (v 3).

Truely, the man who puts his trust in you (v 4), and does not run off to the Dean, the Provost, the President, is blessed. I cannot comprehend how you worked in the professor's life and mine so that within 20 hours we were reconciled, healed, forgiven. Thankyou (v 5) Lord, you provided the sacrifice through which I can come to you. I did not have to bring my own (v 6). But I want to affirm today, as I come to you, I have come to the USA to do your will. That is my desire. Your word is within me (vv 7-8).

Lord, the truths I have learned about you, I will share with the congregation (v 9), I will explain how righteously you dealt with me and the professor. I will declare how your love and truth overwhelmed me as I read Psalm 38, especially verses 5-10 (v 10).

Lord, I need your mercy. It was your love, your truth that protected my heart and mind yesterday (v 11), I need you every day because my sin brings endless trouble on my head. My sin constantly disappoints and devastates me (v 12).

Deliver me from myself (v 13). There are those who would take great pride in my own down fall. Lord make them aware of their own sin (vv14-15). Lord I am poor and needy, help me. Only you can deliver me from my own sin and the sin of others. You are my God - my deliverer. Amen.

Dr Keith Graham

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