Revelation chapters 2-3- Blogs - online journals

“I was born in the wrong century” complained my father-in-law.  “How come the digital era started so late?  What are msn, emails, webs?  I need a computer don’t you think?

I asked a Carlo (not his real name), to initiate me into the meaning and use of “Blogs” wondering whether our church should add a Blog to their web site.  I’ve edited Carlo's response.  Carlo writes:

  • “The best way to describe it in my very limited knowledge is: “Website is your general information about something so in our case the CGCC website gives info about us, what we do, what we believe, what's happening in our church, who to contact and the sermon content.
  • “A blog these days is used by some to share their daily thoughts on things that happen in their life.  Based on what they are reading, seeing and experiencing.  Its like an online journal.  A blog in particular can only work if your church is very tech savvy, your church has most of its communication set up via their website etc.  In Australia its usually the mega church pastors who utilize it well which gives the 1000+ strong churches an opportunity to stay connected.
  • “The trend these days for new and emerging churches and the people they are reaching are far more tech savvy.  Blogs are being used to reach those who are just surfing the web or they themselves have a blog.  One such case is a guy who has quite a bit of a following in what they call the blogsphere who shares his thoughts, insights etc, which is used by people in ministry to help them in what they do.
  • “Most of our church population use the internet to surf for info, check their email, check their facebook and chat over msn etc.  It might be something we can check out . . . and introduce when we are using the church website a bit more than we do.  Hope that is helpful.”  Carlo

It was suggested that the overarching title for our series on Revelation chapters 1-3 could be “You’ve got Mail from Jesus.”  Jesus does send mail to seven churches in Turkey.  The content is not CC – one message suits all approach.

An aspect of these seven “emails” from Jesus is that what he highlights, commends, promises and finds fault with is seldom the things we look for in a church.

I wonder why?

Jesus has a special message for each local church. A message that comes to us via the Holy Spirit and John to the “churches.” A message we are implored to listen and respond to.

Will we?

Dr Keith Graham

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