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WARNING - This book may be bad for you!

WARNING: Studying the Book of Acts can be very bad for your health. Specifically, it may cost you a lot of money- It could involve you in conversations leading to being dismissed, even mocked. It will very possibly undermine some of your most treasured ambitions, and even require you to abandon some of your long-cherished dreams.

Studying the Book of Acts may involve you in profound relationships with people very different from yourself, who speak the oddest of languages and live in the poorest, most densely populated, loneliest, or trendiest of places on planet earth. It may lead to your adopting new disciplines in prayer, affect your sleeping patterns, and perhaps even shorten your life. So, be warned!

If you are ready for some or all of the above, by all means read on, because studying Acts will also very probably result in your being happier, more fulfilled and purposeful than you have ever been before. It is also likely to bring you a deeper understanding of God, a closer walk with Jesus, and a richer experience of the Holy Spirit, than you have known for a long time, maybe than you have ever known at all.

One thing is for sure, the Book of Acts will not leave you where it found you. Why am I so certain about this? Because that is the kind of impact the Book of Acts has had on Christian people and churches for the last two thousand years. So, if you are perfectly content with your life, entirely happy with who you are and what you are doing to fill your days, then you had best quickly close your Bible, find a nice quiet corner somewhere, and have a very long sleep.

But if you are ready to read on, then please join us as we step out together into the white light of God's revealed Word, opening ourselves to Him, listening for His voice, discovering what He has done and what He can do, and... well, the rest of this sentence will have to wait for our engagement with the text; but, in will need to be ready for anything! [Based on an introduction to Acts by Bruce Milne]

The Book of Acts is an exciting story of the Church at Work following Jesus' game plan. Acts, like the four Gospels, is not just history. The church today is to engage in mission “to the ends of the earth.” Salvation is only to be found in Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12). In an age of pluralism this remains true today. Converts are to be baptised in water.  All believers receive the Holy Spirit. The church is to have a leadership based on spiritual criteria at local church level. Christians are to help those in adverse circumstances. These and many others are universal principles today.

Enjoy becoming a participant in this exciting story of the Church at Work.

Dr Keith Graham

This study guide on the book of Acts is available from:    Equip Rock Ministries, P O Box 346, Bayswater Vic 3153 Australia

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The Book of Acts - a study guide for individuals and groups
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